EduCampus for elite athletes


EduCampus for Elite Athletes brings with it a world of opportunity for those athletes looking to be (and remain) at the top. With protocols for behavior, testing, fitness, and learning, students of E4EA are granted the opportunity to learn while they train. Co-creating future World Champions and Olympians through discipline and design while weaving in education as an organic element that forms our athletes is the mission of E4EA.

a team of girls with their hands in the middle of the circle
an image of a few students in an art gallery. some are sitting on the ground, some are writing against the wall
educampus for the arts


Welcome to the Faculty of Creation. At eduarts, students will receive a blended approach to creating art. They are offered portfolio expansion opportunities, paths towards professional skills development, and a platform to show their work. Students of eduarts will finish with a high school diploma and a creative portfolio that will launch them into their professional careers as artists.

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EduCampus for innovators

junior d e s i g n team.

The EduCampus Model is based on the principles of design thinking. The junior design team is a representative group that helps design towards sustainable student experiences while learning all the steps of systemic design along the way.
Fostering design within the team, and watching the diffusion of knowledge and resources across campus, brings alive the concept of design thinking that makes EduCampus a possibility in the first place. The junior design team of today will be the system challengers of the future.

a few boys at worktables prototyping their designs